Our Philosophy

Our growth and prosperity depends on the success of our client programs. We seek to create relationships with our clients based on quality of performance and service, and to preserve a foundation of trust and integrity at every level of our organization — from our callers to our executives.

To maintain the highest level of quality, calling is monitored by Supervisors and by Client Services to insure that all appeals for our clients are accurate, well-presented, and adhere to the precise guidelines of the Complete Call. The Complete Call is our operating standard to increase gifts, fulfillment, and efficiency, while protecting the client’s valuable reputation.

Simply put, we believe that doing well for our clients is how we do well as a business.

We were founded in 1990 to provide quality, professional multi-channel fundraising programs for non-profits, democrats, and progressive political organizations. We work with organizations whose programs help the disadvantaged and promote a more equitable and caring society. The missions and work of our clients reflect the values and principles of IRI’s dedicated employees.


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