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About the CEO

Throughout his career, Ron Rosenblith has been dedicated to progressive causes and forward-thinking fundraising. Before he established IRI in 1990, Ron was a founding publisher of the Presidential Campaign Hotline, which is now the leading daily news briefing on American politics. Ron has worked closely with Senator John Kerry for many years, serving as Kerry’s senate campaign chief-of-staff in the 1980s, and most recently, lending his years of expertise in politics, fundraising, and number-crunching to Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign.

CEO & founder Ron Rosenblith opened Integral Resources Inc. in 1990 with the understanding of 4 basic facts:

With the right lists, telemarketing is an effective way to prospect and build a donor base.
Many progressive non-profit organizations cannot afford the initial cash outlays involved in building a telephone responsive donor base.
Many progressive non-profit organizations need a predictable income from their fundraising efforts so that they can budget responsibly.
A strong foundation of fundraising data is invaluable to clients and fundraisers.

On these principles, Ron developed his new fundraising theory — the financed professional fundraising program. IRI would offer fundraising services with no up-front costs, and sometimes guarantee a set monthly payment to the client. This theory created a high level of accountability and commitment to quality, because the success of IRI would be inextricably linked to the success of our fundraising programs.

Special Olympics Massachusetts was the first client to get on board with the new idea. In 1990 SOMA had no telefundraising program. Within 2 years, IRI had created 170,000 donors whose gifts averaged nearly $20. Now 15 years later, SOMA still trusts IRI with their residential telemarketing program, which has produced over $2.5 million for the organization since 2000.

Since 1990, Integral Resources Inc. has worked with dozens of charitable and progressive political clients. We’ve proven that non-profit and progressive political organizations can create donors and generate a consistent net income through residential telemarketing. Today we own the telemarketing rights to over 2 million progressive donors. And, we’ve created a model that makes these residential telemarketing programs accessible to organizations that cannot afford costly donor acquisition.

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