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Professional, Quality Fundraising
Our dedicated, professional multi-channel fundraisers solicit pledges and credit card gifts for your organization. They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to maximize contacts without sacrificing quality or results. And of course, they are always well trained and well informed, so that they do more than raise money — they represent you with integrity.

Donor Renewal and Reinstatement
Your organization thrives on the support of loyal and generous donors. That’s why we work hard to enhance your donor base. On a regular basis, we reach out to your faithful supporters with new, compelling reasons to renew their support. We also reinstate your past supporters by contacting donors who haven’t given in 3 or more years. Many of these lapsed donors still appreciate the work you do, and are happy to give again.

Creation of New Donors
We’re always happy to work with your existing donor base, but we also know that there are more people out there who would love to support your organization. Drawing from acquired lists and our proprietary database of over 2 million progressive donors, our database team identifies the highest quality leads who are most likely to respond to your message. And our professional fundraisers make the most of their effort to convert leads into donors — they typically pair volunteer recruitment or education with the donation request, so that your organization may gain support in other ways.

Other Types of Calling
Imagine all of the other things that your volunteers could be doing on Election Day if you had a professional team of Get Out the Vote fundraisers. With state-of-the-art technology, our staff far exceeds the contact rate and efficiency of volunteers and manual dialing. If you have a survey or poll question, we can target specific regions and demographics. We have the database to track responses, and the software to report the results to you. Our professional fundraising representatives are also prepared to conduct appeals and grassroots lobbying.

If you outsource Get Out the Vote, surveys, appeals, or grassroots lobbying to IRI, you get professional multi-channel fundraisers who achieve more contacts in less time, for whatever type of calling you need. And, all services are offered at a great rate.

Information Services
We’re always thinking about new ways to enhance our technology. We work tirelessly to develop new software and maintain the highest level of productivity in the software and equipment that our professional fundraisers depend on. Our IT department also produces all of your fulfillment pieces to merge seamlessly with the database, so that the letters your donors receive can be more personal and 100% in compliance with state laws.

Database Management
Our expert Information Technology team will build and maintain your donor database. We edit information, track giving history, and pull out all the important data that you need to know about your donor base. Whether for events, newsletters, or special thanks to generous donors, we can deliver donor lists and data in a format of your choice, giving you more time to concentrate on your message, rather than mining huge donor files or sifting through endless spreadsheets.

Appropriate Market Testing
If you’ve never tried multi-channel fundraising, or if you’re looking to expand into a new market, we’ll proceed carefully. During market testing, we monitor performance and call-center feedback closely. Until we know that the script works and the leads are responsive, we will limit the amount of calling and bring the results to you when the test is completed. We launch full-scale into a new campaign when we are confident that it will be a success.

On a weekly basis, we provide our clients with program performance reports. With numbers drawn directly from the database, you can watch the progress of your fundraising program from week to week. Whenever your accountant or board has questions about multi-channel fundraising, you’ll have an easy reference with figures for calling, costs, pledges, fulfillment, new donors, and program net.

Major Gifts Prospecting
Nobody appreciates the value of loyal and generous donors more than we do. In this very special group of supporters, there are some individuals who have the ability to give more. We can identify these supporters, and provide you with names of potential major donors who may be cultivated with more personal attention from your organization.

Fulfillment Services
Because a pledge isn’t a donation until it comes through the door, we act quickly to fulfill pledges to your organization. Within one business day, we send out a personalized, compelling letter, urging donors to remit their pledge. We will attempt to acquire pledges up to three times. Reminder and Thank You letters are automatically generated, so that no matter how donors choose to give, they all receive a friendly mail piece with more information about your organization.

Caging and Cashiering
Our finance department is fully capable of processing gifts made by credit card, check, and online banking. This allows us to track giving, send out reminders, and handle matters while sparing you the hassle of dealing with all that paper. You regularly receive invoices, statements, and reports, and we will work closely with your accounting staff and auditor to ensure complete accuracy.

Account Management
If you join forces with Integral Resources, you’ll have an assigned Account Representative to assist you whenever you have questions, requests, or other issues about your fundraising program. When individual issues arise with your donors, your Account Representative takes care of it. Your contact in Client Services also ensures that your scripts and fulfillment pieces are current and compelling, assists in maintaining your database, and works with every department at IRI to ensure that all of your needs are being met.

From tracking your program’s results to training fundraisers on important developments, client services looks out for you and keeps communication open between your organization and the many hard-working individuals who make your program a success.

We understand that you face unique opportunities and challenges in fundraising. With years of non-profit and fundraising experience, our management team is ready to work with you and develop a plan that’s right for your organization. Our experts can manage all aspects of your residential multi-channel fundraising program, including creative development of scripts and fulfillment pieces.

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